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The Sydney International Equestrian Centre provides a secure fenced compound containing two separate Stable Blocks with concrete floors and bitumen aisles, ensuring a clean, hygienic environment.  Each stable is 3.6m by 3.6m.  Each stable will be supplied with 5 bales of bedding (wood shavings).  Additional bales can be purchased as required. Each State/Territory will be assigned a tack room/s (vacant stable) to store feed & equipment.   Note – the stable complex is a Non-Smoking area.


All stables are to be fully cleaned and swept at the conclusion of the event.  This includes the removal of all bedding and waste materials and depositing in the allocated waste bins.  Failure to do so will result in your State receiving an invoice for $50 per stable for the cleaning cost.  Riders will need to bring equipment to clean their stable.



$90.00 per horse duration including five bales of bedding (12 - 18 July 2009)

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